There’s a well nearby. You’ve probably seen it. It’s in a dusty abandoned town. You wonder who used to live here and why they all left.

Many people have traveled by this well on their journeys through life, but either didn’t notice it, decided not to check it out, or tried it but left for some reason. It doesn’t appear that the well has been used in a long time. You are not even sure if the water is good. The top of the water looks unappetizing . . . . disgusting actually – covered in dust, dirt, germs, bugs and grime. Who would even want to use this well or drink its water? You dip your finger in to just taste it anyways as you realize how thirsty you are, but you only taste the stuff on top. Yuck. You’re not drinking that! But your thirst remains.

You decide to move on. . . . to find something more appealing . . . more appetizing . . . more eye-catching and tasty. You heard there was something better down the road. So you turn your back to the well and head off.

I urge you to come back.

Things are not always what they seem.

There is more to this well than the casual observer and wanderer will ever know.

Let me help you draw up the DEEP water from the well. That is where the best water resides – where the cooler, refreshing, life-giving water is. It is not tainted by the dirt, dust, germs or bugs on top of the water. Nothing has touched this deep water except the bucket and cisterns that are allowed to draw deep into it.

Are you that kind of cistern or vessel?

Are you ready to go deep?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To Know Him Better

I have a prayer for you today. My heart is yearning and aching for you to know God better. That is what this blog is all about. I am not just spending my time writing for my own benefit . . . but for yours. I long to see so many people go deeper with God - to really KNOW Him - to really LOVE Him - to really know HIS love.

It's not always comfortable going deeper though.

Dive down deep in a pool of water and your ears start to hurt - the pressure is incredible and painful.

Many people think that going deeper with God will feel the same way. I think that is why so many people avoid it. They are afraid of the pain. They are afraid of what might be lurking deep underneath. What will God find and expose? If He is light, what will that light shine on in the deepest recesses of our heart? Compared to God and His glory - anything and everything will be filthy. That's good news. There shouldn't be any surprises there. We ARE like filthy rags compared to God (Is. 64:6).

As you get closer to the light (or the light gets closer to you) - you will see the dirt even more so. But don't be afraid of it. Don't just continue to live in the dark or be afraid of the light because of what you might find.

We are all "dirty".

But the good news is . . . we can become clean!

It's not through our own efforts . . . but God's . . . Jesus' to be exact. HE is the one that takes our dirt and gives us HIS righteousness!!! (Rom. 3:22, Rom. 10:4, 1 Cor. 1:30, Gal. 2:21, Phil. 3:9)

Wow . . . can you imagine . . . someone saying - let's trade clothes . . . I'll take your filthy rags - and you can have my clean and newly pressed clothes. Keep them. They are yours now. I will also take all the dirt that is on you and put it on my skin. Here - you can have my freshly showered and glowing skin in return. How about your heart? Need a new one? Is yours hurt, hardened, dead? You can have mine!

The choice is yours.

He won't take anything from you without you willingly giving it to Him.

Many of you reading my blog have known the Lord for many years. But this is my prayer for you today . . .

Ephesians 1:17-20
"I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you may know him better. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope of which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is like the working of his mighty strength, which he exerted in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms"

Do you understand what that just said?

ASK God for HIS Spirit (the Holy Spirit) of WISDOM and REVELATION . . . SO THAT you CAN know Him BETTER! :) Awesome!

And not only that - but pray that God will enlighten you (open the eyes of your heart . . . not just knowledge in your head - but experience it in your heart) to know the HOPE of which he has called you - AND . . . the His AWESOME power - the same power that rasied Jesus from the dead!!! That power is available to work in you and through you . . . .for those that believe and continue to believe! (I want that!!)

Going deeper doesn't have to hurt like you think. Ask any diver what to do. You must open your ears (let them "pop" open) as you dive so that the pressure doesn't hurt your eardrums. There will be times of pressure build up . . . but that's just a sign to open your ears again/more. You are going deeper!

So - OPEN YOUR EARS today . . . . and let the Lord OPEN the "eyes" of your heart (your mind)! Going deeper can be exciting, thrilling, challenging, revealing, scary, incredible, overwhelming, peaceful . . . . indescribable!

Are you willing to try it?

I challenge you to dive in today. Go a little deeper with the Lord than you have ever dared. Let Him in to places in your heart (and mind) that you have had closed off to visitors. Let His light shine on areas you've kept hidden (consciously or unconsciously). It IS well worth it!

Go Deeper today!

L :)


bree said...

Amen to that-it truly is good stuff, I'm so grateful to the Lord, His journey of drawing me closer to HIm and to HIs freedom!
HUgs! Happy New Year!

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