There’s a well nearby. You’ve probably seen it. It’s in a dusty abandoned town. You wonder who used to live here and why they all left.

Many people have traveled by this well on their journeys through life, but either didn’t notice it, decided not to check it out, or tried it but left for some reason. It doesn’t appear that the well has been used in a long time. You are not even sure if the water is good. The top of the water looks unappetizing . . . . disgusting actually – covered in dust, dirt, germs, bugs and grime. Who would even want to use this well or drink its water? You dip your finger in to just taste it anyways as you realize how thirsty you are, but you only taste the stuff on top. Yuck. You’re not drinking that! But your thirst remains.

You decide to move on. . . . to find something more appealing . . . more appetizing . . . more eye-catching and tasty. You heard there was something better down the road. So you turn your back to the well and head off.

I urge you to come back.

Things are not always what they seem.

There is more to this well than the casual observer and wanderer will ever know.

Let me help you draw up the DEEP water from the well. That is where the best water resides – where the cooler, refreshing, life-giving water is. It is not tainted by the dirt, dust, germs or bugs on top of the water. Nothing has touched this deep water except the bucket and cisterns that are allowed to draw deep into it.

Are you that kind of cistern or vessel?

Are you ready to go deep?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Intimacy - Walking in God's love and light

Wow! Your Daddy loves you so much! Jesus does too (and don't forget our awesome Holy Spirit!)! I just had to share what was on God's heart for you guys today! It's long - but worth it!

Be blessed today as you go deeper in God's love for you!!

L :)

L - So – what is on your heart today? What do you want me to get across to your kids? I’d love some insight! ;)

G – Insight – yes . . . IN SIGHT . . . looking IN . . . Looking in my eyes – in my sight . . . Look into my eyes and let my love capture you! Let my love overwhelm you and show you just what I see. I want to give you “insight” – MY sight . . . That’s what I want to give you.

L – I want that! :) I’m looking . . . . :)

I see oceans in your eyes . . . rolling oceans and a blue sky. Vast, beautiful, never-ending . . . no shore in sight . . . just rolling waves along the top of the ocean. Then it’s like I go down – the view goes down below the surface. The sky is not visible anymore – but we are going down, down, down – like I’m looking out a small window in a submarine or something. :) We are going down and the light is going away. It is getting darker and darker the deeper we go. But not totally. I can still see some. I can still see the water and some life swimming around – but not as easily. As we go down – it’s like there is a light way below. It’s like people go down – and they expect it to get dark – kind of dark and scary . . .but if they keep going – if they go past a certain depth – then it starts to get lighter and lighter again – because there is a bright white light shining up from below. It’s not like it’s on the bottom – but it’s like the water turns into a big bright white light below. You can descend down to it – and then into it – being overwhelmed and overcome by the bright white light. There’s nothing around you but white light – purity – pure white . . . I don’t think we are in water anymore. It’s more like going through a cloud – but different. It’s light and airy – it’s pure white – no shadows – just white light. Beautiful!

It seems like we get to the bottom – or at least an area where there seems to be ground. You are there Jesus – you are there and you invite me to come and sit with you. There are 2 comfy chairs – plush and inviting. You’ve been sitting in yours and waiting – with an empty chair right beside you – waiting for me to come down and hang out with you – to sit with you. :) I love that! You’ve been waiting just for me. You had nothing else to do but wait for me! Thank you!

I go over to the chair and sit down with you (after taking your hand . . . like I was coming out of the submarine – or in through your eyes Daddy). We sit down – and Jesus doesn’t stop holding my hand. We’re like an old married couple (or young) – just sitting in our chairs holding hands. His right hand is in my left. We sit and look out in front of us. At first it’s just all white still – but as we sit and look – it’s like I can see through it some – to a scene – kind of like watching a tv screen – but not – more like real life . . . or a vision of real life. I see trees. I see people. I see a husband and wife. The husband is not happy. He is upset with his wife. He is angry and I get the sense that he is abusive. The wife is sad, scared, but full of God. In her room at night, she prays, she rests in God’s love, she sits on His lap, in His arms – and is renewed and rejuvenated in His love. It is His love that sustains her. It is his love that keeps her going. It is His love that heals her wounds – miraculously – inside and out. It is God’s love that allows her to love her husband – to love her kids – to love everyone around her. Many people have told her she should leave – get out of there – but she knows – she knows the truth about her husband and who God designed him to be . . . and she is contending for that to be revealed and come to full fruition. Her prayers are moving the heavenlies – they are sending more angels to fight the battle over her husband’s life. Her prayers are powerful and mighty – and they ARE doing a great work in this man’s life – even though he doesn’t know it.

I then see the husband in his room – alone – crying. . . . but not wanting to let his wife know or see. He doesn’t let anyone know or see his tears. He’s a tough man. He can’t be weak. But he’s crying – because he never intended to be this way to his wife. He never wanted to. He swore he never would. He would not be like his father. He was not going to repeat those mistakes. But he can’t seem to help it. He gets angry – and something comes over him. He can’t seem to help it. But he doesn’t want to continue this way anymore. He can’t. It’s destroying him and is destroying his relationship with his wife – or so he thinks.

He cries out to God – not knowing that God has already put angels and other things in place to instantly respond to his cry! Instantly! He doesn’t have to wait long – and God is right there – ready to respond to his cry! He’s been waiting with baited breath for this son of his to say His name – to cry out “Daddy – help me!” He rushes to his son’s side and puts His big loving arm around this precious man who is weeping at the side of his bed. God puts his arm around him and loves on him as he says, “It’s ok son. I’m here. I’m with you. I love you. You will never be the same again. I’m going to take this from you now. You are released. You no longer have to carry this burden around anymore. I release you and I take it on me. It’s mine to take. Thank you for giving it to me. I release you.”

The man feels different. He feels something inside – and he feels lighter on the outside. He doesn’t feel angry. He doesn’t feel sad. He doesn’t feel resentment or bitterness . . . but he feels something new . . . is it love? What is this feeling? He thought he knew what love was – but he now realizes that he didn’t. What is this feeling? It is wonderful! It is satisfying and yet causing him to want more and more and more. He doesn’t want his heavenly daddy to ever leave his side – to leave his presence. He wants to know more, to feel more, to be filled, to be overwhelmed with this love again and again and again! “Stay with me Daddy! Don’t ever leave me!” He cries out to God. “I won’t. Never son – never . . . I will always be with you!” The man smiles and laughs as tears stream down his face. He looks up to the ceiling – to heaven – and says “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much!”

I see the man get up and go into another room where his wife had fallen asleep. He looks at her with new eyes. She seems radiant. She is beautiful. It’s as if this is the first time he has really ever seen her . . . so beautiful, radiant and pure. She is lovely . . . and he is overcome with emotions that this is HIS wife – and that she has stayed with him for so long – through all the abuse, torture, yelling, screaming, hatred, anger and bitterness. He is overcome and kneels down beside her in tears. He leans over to kiss her on the cheek – and she wakes up – seeing his face . . . seeing a new man . . .a radiant man . . .a pure man . . . a man of love. THIS is what she had been waiting for. THIS is what her husband was made and called to be – a man of LOVE – a man of HONOR – a man of INTEGRITY and PATIENCE . . . this is what he was designed to be . . . and she can see it in his eyes now. She sees the transformation. She is thrilled and gently cups his cheek in her hand as she says “I love you hon. I always have and I always will.” Her husband is overcome – weeping, humbled, ashamed, yet filled with hope and joy. “I love you too. I thought I did before – but I know realize I couldn’t love you . . . I didn’t know how. I didn’t have it in me. I didn’t know what true love was. Now I do. And I really DO love you – with all my heart! I will never hurt you again – as much as it depends on me – I will never hurt you again! You are precious to me - and more beautiful than ever!” She smiles and the two of them hug in a beautiful and loving embrace. God has done a miracle. God has healed two hearts and mended a marriage. God has brought the impossible into the possible – and all with His love!

Jesus and I sit there and ponder the scene we just saw (well – I ponder it – Jesus just sits and holds my hand – smiling, happy, content, loving . . . ). Wow God. Can you really do that? I mean – I know you can – but wow! I’d love to see that in real life! To see so many of my friends who are going through difficult marriages – to be restored – that you really will touch the hearts of their husbands – to call them into who they really are through your love! I so want everyone to know who they really are – to fully know your unconditional love that you have for them – to be passionately in love with you –and to not only be healed, but to see through a new set of eyes – to have your vision! I always want to have your vision God. Give me your vision – your promises – your plans and purposes – for my life, my kids, my husband, etc.

G – Listen to my Son. Listen to what He has to say Lori. He has a lot to share with you –a lot of wisdom and insight – because he ONLY did what He “saw” me doing . . . he looked “in” to my eyes, my heart, my world – and saw what I was doing – and then just did that. You will too. So listen to Him!

L – I will! Jesus – what do you want to say to me? What’s on your heart? I need and want your insight and wisdom – definitely! (I see Jesus turning to me – taking my hand in both of his now.)

J – Look at me Lori. Look into my eyes as well. What do you see?

L – I see red – I see love – I see a heart. It’s all red . . . . that’s it . . . all red . . . like the blood you shed, like the love you gave . . . all red. What does that mean?

J – Keep looking. Look INTO that red. There is something there. Come closer and look deep.

L – (I put my eyes up to his eyes . . . I’m just going for it – getting as close as I can!! :)...) It’s as if I can see through the red somewhat – like looking through water . . . and there’s white on the other side – the white, pure light. I see a shadow, a figure coming closer – walking towards the red – towards me. He’s silhouetted right now – but he’s coming closer – then holding out his hand – to invite me to come to him – on the other side of the red – in the white light. I get it . . . through your blood – through YOU Jesus – we are able to meet the Father – to come to the Father . . . to see what you see – to see what our Father is doing. It is through your blood, your love, your eyes even . . . You see the Father – and you show us what you see . . . so in essence it is through your eyes that we are meeting the Father. I want to jump through your eyes and go meet with Him there! I want to take His hand and go with Him – wherever He wants me to go!

J – Then go! What’s stopping you? :)

L – Nothing I guess – except that I am holding your hands. :)

J – You will be holding my hands when you hold the Father’s and you will be holding the Father’s when you hold my hands.

L - :) Awesome! Then here I go – straight into your eyes – through the red – and into the pure light with my – OUR – Daddy! :) Here I come Daddy! I want to walk closer with you – in the purity that surrounds you. I want to walk with you, talk with you, be near you, and be in the center of your love!! I don’t want anything else! Just you!! All of you! Jesus, Holy Spirit and Father! ALL of you!! :)

L – So – what do you want me to tell your kids?

G – Tell them this . . You are beloved and chosen! There is no one like you (each person)! I am waiting for you. I have my hand out – and I am waiting. There is so much more for me to show you, to tell you, to share with you and experience with you – but I need you to come through the blood of Jesus – to be cleansed – and to come walk with me . . . daily . . . all the time.

Deeper intimacy has a cost. It is leaving behind those things that are on the other side of my love – on the other side of Jesus’ blood. There are things that do not pass through his blood –but are washed off and left behind when you walk through it. Walk through and see what happens – and be ok with leaving those things behind. They are not worth the separation between us. They are not worth missing out on the intimacy that I have for you. They are not worth it. They are junk in comparison. They are useless and worthless compared to my love for you and all I have for you. So stop holding onto “junk” in your life – and come closer to me – come through Jesus’ cleansing blood – and meet with me . . . hold my hand . . . let me take you to where I want you to go. I have amazing plans and amazing places to take you to. I have A LOT to tell you – secrets, stories, visions and dreams. I have a lot to say to you – but you can’t hear it if you are not spending time with me.

It’s difficult to hear with a lot of “junk” in the wayclouding your hearing – dampening it and making it difficult to hear clearly. Clear out the junk in your life – in many areas. Ask me what needs to go –and I can help you – show you. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to hear me when you have cleared out things that were in the path and in the way. Just like when a room is filled with stuff – it dampens the sounds someone makes in the room. When the room is empty – you can whisper and it seems really loud. That is what I want Lori – for you – for my kids . . . that they will clear out so much stuff in their lives, in their hearts, in their minds, before their eyes and ears, etc – that they will then be able to easily hear my still small voice! It will be so much easier!

They get frustrated – wondering why they can’t hear me so well. It’s not that I’m not talking. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to them, or that their ears are not working . . . it’s all the things in the way – dampening the sound - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually – in the way of being able to clearly and easily hear me. I have so much to say to them – for them – for others – for this church – this nation – for my kids and my Bride . . . but they can’t hear it because of the junk in the way.

Challenge them to clear it out. To seek to simplify. To seek to walk through Jesus’ cleansing blood daily. To walk towards purity. Purity is not something they attain – but is someplace they end up being . . . I am pure. I am light. I am holy. Purity is hanging out with me – in my realm – in my atmosphere – with me. It is knowing me, walking with me, letting me lead and guide, and not trying to drag things from this world into my world. My world cannot be cluttered by the things of this world –but my world can totally invade their world and transform it. I need it to.

When my kids walk with me, talk with me, listen to me and are surrounded by my pure white light – it transforms them, gets all over them, permeates them and becomes a part of them. They are becoming holy only because they are hanging out with me – the one who is holy and pure. They can then bring that holiness and purity back to earth – into the lives of others – and transform the atmosphere around them. That is the only way! They can’t sit on their couch, in their chair, lying on their bed and try to drag their world into mine – or try to pull my world into theirs while staying in their “comfortable” place amidst their junk and stuff. They need to leave it behind and come into my world – come be with me. Then they will not just hear what I have to say – but it will become part of them – it will be planted deep – rooted and grounded – and no one can take it away – because it’s part of them. It’s now not just like a piece of clothing they put on (holy clothing) – but it is in them – it is in their skin, their organs, their mind, their heart, their breath, their lungs, their speech – and more. Every neuron and synapse is full of me – full of my holiness – full of my love. They cannot NOT be full of love and walking in love – because I am love – and I am IN them and permeating all through out them!

Call my kids to come to me – to come down deep – to come and meet with my Son – to walk through his blood – to walk towards me and a pure walk with me – to walk in purity.

There is so much in this deep and pure realm – so much that they have never even dreamed of – so much they don’t understand. They are trying to understand it from looking through the water up top – but it just looks dark – dark and scary and unknown. It is dark – at first – but lovely – lovely below. There is a whole world down here – a whole world and kingdom beyond the eyes and blood of my son. I have a whole kingdom to show my kids – and I long for them to come!

I’ve been waiting . . . waiting for so many of them. Some have come. Many are on their way. It’s not a struggle as much as it is a choice – a decision – and then to follow through with it. Encourage them to come – to choose to let go of things – earthly things that cannot fully satisfy. Yes – there are some great things on earth – and I love my kids so much that I want them to enjoy the earth I created for them. But there is soooooooooo much more that I have for them down here with me – down deep. It’s different. It doesn’t even compare to what you see and have on earth. It’s impossible to describe and have someone understand when they are standing at the top of this water. It’s like trying to describe the depths of the ocean and the fantastic creatures that are down there if they have never seen it. They may be able to envision it a little – but not fully. It’s like trying to describe a dream or vision that you see in your mind to someone else. They will see it in their mind in their own way and will not really be able to see it exactly as you see it. You can do your best to describe it – but unless they experience it themselves – they will not fully understand. They think they do – they think they “get it” - that they’ve seen it . . . but they haven’t. They’ve seen their interpretation of it – filtered through their own emotions, experiences, vision, creativity, and more. They will not have experienced the real thing and do not fully understand.

I want them to FULLY understand and experience it all – to experience my love with their whole being . . . not just their mind based on someone else’s experience. That is not the same. It’s like reading a romance novel. It’s not the same. I want them to LIVE the romance . . . with me! I’m waiting. I’m in love and will wait for as long as it takes for them to come to me!

Come my kids! Come my bride! Come to me and experience my true love that I have for you! It’s like nothing you have ever seen, felt, smelled, tasted or touched before! It will encompass all your senses and more! You will be amazed and over whelmed – and transformed before you know it! It (my love) will transform you like no other . . . without you even having to try. My love it just like that.

Do you have to try and get wet when you get in a bathtub full of water? Do you have to struggle to get the water to touch your skin and permeate into your cells? Do you even have to think about it? No. All you have to do is get in the tub with water in it. The water does the rest. It comes around you – close – very close – permeating every cell in your skin. It does it so quickly it seems instantaneous. But to get it soaked in deep – you have to remain in the tub for a while. You can’t just jump in and get out quickly. You have to stay in – to soak. The longer you soak – the more it gets in – the more my love can seep in and start to do it’s job – to transform you. Don’t struggle –but let it come in. Don’t struggle – but let it come in. Your job is to just soak – to choose to get in the water – and then stay there.

Some people get out right away. It feels “weird” . . . maybe too hot, too cold, or too wet. They liked being dry. They liked being comfortable. They don’t want to have to deal with this new environment. It’s strange. It’s different. It’s a little uncomfortable. But kids . . . . it is soooo worth it! Enjoy it! Be like a little kid in the water. Little kids LOVE water – they are drawn to it. If there is a puddle anywhere – they want to jump in it! If there is a bath – they will get in and splash and have fun! It’s ok to have fun while you soak. It’s ok to have fun in the water. You will get just as wet splashing around and having fun as you would sitting still and waiting.

Have fun in my water – in my presence. Feel free to laugh! Feel free to have fun with me! Be a kid – be my son or daughter! It’s ok to be young around me. You don’t have to be “all grown up” and “take a proper bath” with me. Just get wet! Get wet with my love! Let it flow all over you – around you – in you! Stand under a waterfall of my love. Drink from a hose of my love. Take a bath or jump in a pool or ocean of my love. My love comes in a variety of ways – and it’s all good! It’s all me! I know what you need – when you need it . . . and the way you get “wet” might not be the same as your sister or brother or kid down the street! It’s ok. I know what you need, and when you need it. Sometimes you need a soothing bubble bath – to ease the stress of the day. Sometimes you need the laughter and excitement of playing in a waterspout from a hose or fire hydrant! It’s ok. It’s all my love! Take it – enjoy it – get wet – and let it soak right into you! Get wet in my love and soak it up – anyway you can! Where I am – my love is as well! I am everywhere – and I am always waiting to fill you up with more!

So come spend time with me today . . . tomorrow . . .and all the days after that. Leave your cares, worries, and “junk’ behind. Seek after me – after a pure walk with me. It’s not a struggle – but it’s easy. Walking with me is easy – if you stay on my side of Jesus’ blood – his cleansing work. You don’t have to go back to the other side. You don’t live there anymore. You shouldn’t. The enemy and world wants you to believe that THAT is your home. It is not! It is no longer your home. Your home is in my kingdom – my magnificent and glorious kingdom! It is beautiful, vast, never-ending, expansive, marvelous, bright, lovely, happy, full of joy and pure. Come live here with me. THIS is your home. This is where you belong! Not on the other side. You don’t have to believe that lie. You don’t have to be enticed to go back through – to go back to your old “home” and old “life”.

You have been bought with a price – this new home and “world” was bought with a price for you. Your freedom from the old world was bought with a price – with my son’s life. His LIFE! He gave it up so that you could have THIS! He gave up His life so you could have a new one – a clean one – a pure one . . . so we could walk and talk and live together every day! Why not take advantage of that and come on over – come on into my kingdom. Leave your world behind – and come into mine. THEN you can bring mine down to earth to change it. It doesn’t work the other way around. It just doesn’t work. I should know. I designed it this way. :) Come to mine – and you can change yours. Leave yours – so you can come to mine. Bring your friends. Bring your spouses. Bring your kids. Tell them about me. Tell them about my kingdom. Tell them about the glorious things I will show you. They won’t fully understand – but they will be enticed . . . just like when you tell them about something you have seen, or even read online, etc . . . it peaks their curiosity and they want to go find out for themselves. So tell them. It’s not your responsibility to make them go see for themselves. Some will not come. Some will not be interested . . . and some will be interested later. They will hear about it from someone else, then another person, and another – and finally they will be so curious that they will come to find out themselves. Keep telling them about my kingdom – my world – and inviting them to come.

Some people are so overloaded with stuff – carrying it all around, weighing them down, that they will not know how to come into my world. They don’t know how to let it go – put it down – as it’s almost become part of them – grown into them. You have the ability to help them – to help them remove some of the stuff – but also to pour my love onto them that will melt the connections that have been made between their “stuff” and and their skin/body. My love, poured onto these areas – these bondages and connections – will melt the connection. It will separate them from their “stuff”. THEN people can help them unload all their junk. Once they feel lighter, and can see past and over their stuff – they get excited to put some down on their own – to drop it and run – to run into the eyes and arms of Jesus – to let his love and blood cleanse them from all that has weighed them down and dirtied them. Even though they’ve put down their addictions and bondages, they are still dirty from them – seeing the residue on their bodies and feeling bad about it. They don’t need to. Jesus’ blood will wash all that off. It’s not permanent. Neither are the scars that are there from the separation of their “stuff”. His blood cleanses those wounds – heals them up – and when they get in my presence – my light, my purity does the rest. They won’t see them or feel them. Others might know they were there – but they will be amazed that the scars are not there anymore. It will baffle them. :) That’s a good thing. It will spring up curiosity – and draw them to me. :)

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