There’s a well nearby. You’ve probably seen it. It’s in a dusty abandoned town. You wonder who used to live here and why they all left.

Many people have traveled by this well on their journeys through life, but either didn’t notice it, decided not to check it out, or tried it but left for some reason. It doesn’t appear that the well has been used in a long time. You are not even sure if the water is good. The top of the water looks unappetizing . . . . disgusting actually – covered in dust, dirt, germs, bugs and grime. Who would even want to use this well or drink its water? You dip your finger in to just taste it anyways as you realize how thirsty you are, but you only taste the stuff on top. Yuck. You’re not drinking that! But your thirst remains.

You decide to move on. . . . to find something more appealing . . . more appetizing . . . more eye-catching and tasty. You heard there was something better down the road. So you turn your back to the well and head off.

I urge you to come back.

Things are not always what they seem.

There is more to this well than the casual observer and wanderer will ever know.

Let me help you draw up the DEEP water from the well. That is where the best water resides – where the cooler, refreshing, life-giving water is. It is not tainted by the dirt, dust, germs or bugs on top of the water. Nothing has touched this deep water except the bucket and cisterns that are allowed to draw deep into it.

Are you that kind of cistern or vessel?

Are you ready to go deep?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"We've never seen anything like this in our lifetime!"

I heard it out of Oprah's mouth today on CNN as she was interviewed after Obama's victory speech. Instantly I was reminded of the scripture God had led me to when I was praying on Wall Street almost a month ago:

Joel 1:2 - "Hear this, you elders; listen all who live in the land. Has anything like this ever happened in your days or in the days of your forefathers?"
(This was said about "the invasion of locusts". Read my post about Wall Street to see more scriptures.)

I wanted to cry last night.

I've had a knot in my stomach ever since 11pm last night.

I get nauseous just thinking about what the next 4 years will entail.

My heart aches . . . no . . . it grieves . . . for all the unborn that will lose their voice even more so these next 4 years.

However . . . I realize that this fear, worry and dread - is not where the Lord wants me to be. He has already told us, time and time again, to trust HIM . . . to let HIM take care of things (financially, politically, etc), and that in the end - we will be amazed!! :)

So - my next respose last night was "Lord - thank you that putting a black man in the presidential office may actually help to bring racial reconciliation to this land to a greater degree". I am also going to be on a mission to pray for Mr. Obama's salvation . . . and if he really is saved . . . to pray that the Holy Spirit falls upon him and convicts him to follow God's will, plan and desires for ALL of mankind - including the unborn! But above all - I am going to pray that GOD's Will will be done these next 4 years!

I tried to watch Kim Clement's live show (about what God had been showing him about the elections) on the night before the election, but they were having trouble with their webcast (too many people trying to watch!). I was watching it today, and was was encouraged and reminded of what God has been saying. That even though the outcome of the election wasn't what I selfishly wanted (though I wasn't surprised at all) . . . God's plans and ways are higher than my own. His thoughts are not my thoughts. I KNOW that God can and will use the next 4 years to uncover the things He needs to expose and to prepare the soil for a greater and better "crop". And I do believe that with Obama as President, many more people will be praying harder, longer and more often than they would have before . . . especially for the unborn (and the possible nomination(s) to the Supreme Court in the next 4 years, etc)! I'm all for more prayer!! :)

I really don't like or get into politics very often . . . and hadn't planned on posting about this . . . but ultimately I know that GOD is in control . . . no matter who thinks they are in control down here. :) My mandate (and yours) now is to pray for my leaders - to pray blessings upon them and that God's will will be done!

I need to go back and relisten to Kim's webcast as he was saying some things about giving a grain offering to allow the water to come, and digging ditches to hold the water that comes (from a place that you least expect). Once again . . . . here is something about giving our grain offerings back to God and God providing in a way we won't expect Him to! Hmmm . . . sounds familiar! :)

To encourage you all, in this time of transition (to a new president and new ruling party within Congress and the oval office) - that you will continue to look to the Lord first and foremost. That you will continue (or start) to pray for our leaders - no matter if they are Republicans, Democrats or Independents. Pray for them. Pray a blessing on them. Pray for Godly wisdom in their lives, thoughts and actions. Pray for salvation for those that do not know the Lord. Pray for their families. Do I need to go on? Just pray. And don't pray "your" agenda . . . but the Lord's. Let HIS will be done and HIS kingdom come!

God is good . . . . all the time!
All the time . . . God is good!

Give thanks in all situations! Yes - even today! :)

Dig Deep!

L :)


Bob Fox said...

Nice site! I like the music and the content. You have gotten good at blogs. I need to take some lessons from you!



Kelly L. said...

So true, Lori.Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I too was depressed about the elections but with mixed feelings in that maybe at least it could bring some racial reconcilation. I too will be standing in the gap to pray for the unborn and that President Elect Obama would be one to see and stand up for righteouness regarding these little ones. I'm so glad i came across your blog link today and decided to take a look!

Bill said...

hey, Lori. thanks for your encouraging words. God bless you and yours. yes, we must stand firm and contend for the faith in these troubled times. it is sad to watch our beloved country go down the tubes in a tailspin of moral decay and a travesty of political correctness that the enemy has perpetrated through deception and complacency. can't say we haven't been warned. i'm sorry to say, i think that it's too late to reverse. this 'economic stimulus' / bailout (handout) is just a ruus to make a solid majority; ie, voting majority, dependant on the government (democrats). it's all about power and politics.
but as you encourage,,, we must continue to focus our hope on Him, and trust His goodness, mercy and grace to bless us even in this age.
again, blessings to you and yours. bill

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